Leyla at NHK world Cool Japan: Cool of Cool 9-04-2011

This is a small section of the actual broadcast.

I was asked by NHK Cool Japan
to make a small video for them.
It includes my shop http://www.mfashion.eu
There you can see the cute Ana from Portugal.

They asked me to talk very slow, I have to admit it sounds silly!
Sorry about that.

Here are two screen shots of the video:

Here I am showing the Metamorphose twinkle journey dress

And here you see one of my dear friends dressed in Angelic Pretty,
Merry making party series.

Another video about the earthquake and a
Dutch charity concert also have been broadcasted,
I hope to get the DVD soon.
This was filmed with a new camera, so much better quality!

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  • Josephine oktober 28, 2011 at 12:33

    het filmpje doet het niet meer 🙁 kan ik het nog ergens anders bekijken?


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