TV shootings in Holland

It has been a while since I made a post, this is because I am extremely busy.
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The past week I had two TV shootings, both related to Japanese Lolita fashion.

The latest was for RTV Rijmond,
this will be broadcasted Saturday 25 February from 17:00 every hour.
So if you have Digital TV or life in this area,
please watch it, otherwise it will become online later that week.

It was a very fun day, the theme was Japan.
I joined with my friend Danchelle and the TV host in some Japanese events.

During the day we asked if we could take a picture with these practice swords.

These is also a short movie of this:

Picture with the TV host, we all looked *derp*

We had to wear Japanese slippers inside the building.
This was the location:
We did a Ikebana workshop
And later we did a Japanese lesson, it was funny because Danchelle and me know basic Japanese,
but the host knew nothing and when he learned some words he kept saying them randomly.
At the Ikebana workshop I  bought a set 
and once I got home I got some flowers,
here is the result.

So about the other TV shooting.
This was for National TV, the show Jong for the EO.
They followed Danchelle for a full day, visited and had a tea party.

It is not sure yet when it will be broadcasted, probably around May.

Here are just a few pictures of that day.

Inside Mfashion, picture by Danchelle.

Me and Lisa at the tea party, picture by Danchelle.

The Sweet lolita’s.

The classic and gothic lolita’s.


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