Leyla Again on TV!

Another TV blog post! Somehow a lot of media found out about me
and tomorrow I’ll be on TV  again, this time it is for a Local TV show RTV Utrecht, Full color.
It will be broadcasted tomorrow (Friday 4-5) starting at 13:25 and then it will be
repeated that day each hour.

If you missed it, it will become available online soon 😉

I also just got a DVD with two episodes of Kawaii TV,
and I am in both with short clips.
Will try to get those online as well.

The TV shooting for RTV Utrecht took place in my shop www.mfashion.eu
and also in a cute brasserie www.bubblesandblessings.nl and at the stables of my horse.
You will find out about my passions in life.

I wore Lolita.
Btssb unico dress and Van Haren shoes.

 You can see the camera standing outside.
Here I am showing my mother some lolita items on the internet.


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