MUA Professional make-up battle

This weekend I was asked to be one of the judges for the MUA professional make-up battle,
mostly because one of the theme’s was Japanese lolita and of course
also because I am a make-up artist my self.

MUA professional was combined with the Dutch model event.
Aspiring models could come to this event to get a change to get scouted for a model agency.
There was also a opportunity to have a photo shoot to build up portfolio.
I have seen some very pretty girls passing by and I heard some of them indeed got scouted!

For the make-up battle the first theme was 60’s pin-up.
Together with other judges we watched closely how the contestants did their work.
There were some very important points we payed extra attention to.
For example: Hygiene, how their work station looked like, interaction with the model.
So the end result was not only judged by the way the model looked in the end,
but the whole process to make the look.
The battle started off with a surprise battle.
The make-up artists were divided in couples and they had to make a quick job interview look.

Then it was time for the 60’s battle, all the Make-up artists worked individual,
so they had to work very hard to finish the make-up, hair and fashion look.

There were a lot of winged eyeliners, some not so perfect and some very prefect!
It is super hard to make a tight line with nerves.

And this is the winning look by Stephanie Vos
I personally love the soft eye look and the bright lips.

Next up was the lolita battle.
I was so curious about the looks that would be made!
Because honestly everyone can have their own image of what lolita is,
but of course I gave higher points for the fashion styling for the ones
who stayed the closest to what lolita actually is.

But the ones who stayed closest to the lolita image all stayed very safe in the make-up look.
This made them loose points.

This look got second, I love her curls, they are perfect! (no fake hair).

And this is the winning look by Team Inglot.

It is not lolita as it should be, but a super sweet, fun and girly look.
It was a very interesting and fun day!
But I was surprised about all the hygiene faults that were made.
Double dipping was the biggest problem, it happened with concealer, Mascara and lip gloss.
Using the mascara wand that belongs to the package instead of using a washable or disposable wand.
This can give the model eye infections! It is a serious health hazard.
Every make-up artist should be very careful with hygiene and especially with double dipping. 
And of course if you also want to be hygienic with your own make-up avoid double dipping,
because even tough they are your own bacteria
that is getting into your products it still can cause problems.
To be in style I dressed up in bitter sweet lolita that day.
I love my hair color, it got done by Indola!
In my next blog I will do a give-a-way that is linked to hair styling and Indola,
so please check back soon.

Outfit rundown:
Innocent World bolero
Spinns blouse
Baby the stars shine bright dress
Shirley Temple bag
H&M tights
Angelic pretty shoes
Baby the stars shine bright shoe ribbons pink

Pictures by: Hennie Ummels

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