Sweet traditional Japanese fashion

The Japanese based TV show Kawaii international had a new fashion contest.
The theme was Traditional Japanese fashion.
Just a few days before the contest I bought this super cute summer kimono ( Yukata ),
so I decided to wear this in the contest pictures.
I want to ask you all to take a little time and vote for me on this page:
Voting is super easy and you only would need a facebook account to do so.
You can vote 1 time a day ^^ If you want you could also share it to your friends.
Thank you!! (I’ll be doing a new give away soon to thank you all)
So here is the outfit.
I called it Sweet Yukata.
The outfit is a mix of the traditional Japanese Yukata with a feel of lolita and regular fashion.

I love the overall sweet look.

A Yukata by the Japanese lolita brand Innocent world. 

The obi and bow belong to a yukata set I got from the mother of a friend of mine in Japan. 
 I am a lolita girl and this is the way I would wear my Yukata. 
I added some fashion items to make the outfit more unique and my own style! 
I am wearing Tabi socks in my shoes. 

I really love this pretty bow, it fits the lolita image. 

I added a gold tassel to the back. 

A lolita girl loves accessories. 

I am wearing matching jewelry and I bought this fan the first time I was in Japan, in 2005.


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