cute Japanse gyaru doll style make-up tutorial

I wanted to show you how I did my make-up for a TV shooting about Japanese doll style make-up.
To be honest this is just Gyaru make-up that is very popular in Japan and is
getting known outside Japan as doll make-up.
This look is perfect for all kawaii Japanese Harajuku fashion styles ,
like lolita , fairy kei and gyaru.

Please give it a try, it is fun!

Next up will be a easy flat iron hair curling tutorial.
At the TV shooting.
I have uploaded the video of the TV show to Facebook.

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  • TalkToMeFreak mei 29, 2013 at 16:30

    Hi Leyla! Today I visited your shop in bilthoven. I hoped to meet you, but your mum was there. I bought an underskirt, because the skirts didn't fit in my gothic lolita concept at the moment. haha. Your shop is really cute!
    Greetings, Anne 🙂


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