Baby wearing event in The Netherlands

Last weekend I went with my husband Hennie and Danny to the first baby wearing 
event in The Netherlands! Draagevenement.

It was amazing! There were a lot of stalls selling all kind of baby wearing related items,
kids clothings and toys.
And there were a lot of visitors, I really enjoyed myself!
Somehow the time was going too fast!
I’ve met a lot of people that I already knew from online, it was great meeting them in person.

Here are some pictures that Hennie took.
Mostly he spend the day filming at the event, this video will follow later.

(if you are in one of these pictures and want a high resolution picture without the logo,
please send me a message through my facebook page )

A picture together with a mama, papa and baby from Belgium,
I knew them from Facebook because their son also had a cleft lip.

Was super to nice to meet the shop owners in person.
This is the owner of Naturebabies.

And this lovely lady has made me a hip bag!!

Her brand is: Hiptas.

The location was a former amusement park “Land van ooit”

As you can see here, retro fashion is very popular for babies right now, super cute!

A picture of my outfit.

My hat: vintage
Woven wrap: Girasol
Dress: Only
Legging: EDC: Dyed by myself
Socks: bought in Japan
Shoes: Adidas

Hat: H&M
T-shirt: Dyed by me
Pants: Lidl
Shoes: Hema


  • lottebees mei 19, 2014 at 09:23

    I was wondering where those pretty leggings came from :-).
    But i loved it. It was so nice to not get stared at, when carrying my daughter.

  • Leyla mei 20, 2014 at 10:29

    hihi! I just gave them a extra dye, some darker blue on the bottom 😀
    Thank you!! Yes that was indeed very nice!


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