Artism Japanese fashion market in Japan

I love Japan mostly because of it’s great fashion styles and creative people!
I was lucky that the great fashion market from Artism was held during my stay in Japan in 2014.
I went there with my husband and son and met alot of old friend there!
Looking back at it, I really miss everyone!
Hope to be able to go back to Japan as soon as possible.

Please enjoy the following pictures!

I also found some fun video’s of our Japan trip
that I will be uploading on my Youtube channel the coming time, please subscribe.

The Lady spade, a girl group I have been following
on Twitter and Facebook for a long time.

Steampunk is very popular in Japan recently.

I really like his style.

This girl looks so pretty and elegant in her corset.

This is Kato, former designer of the lolita brand Metamorphose,
I met her for the first time 10 years ago!
She now has her own brand.

Together with Takuya angel who is a DJ and fashion designer who I
know for many years now. the girl on the right is the model Bazookistan.
He makes cyber inspired outfits out of old Kimono’s.


A pretty classic lolita girl.

Kjeld from at work

Together with Kjeld who became a dear friend over the years.

Danny needed to be fed and the venue offered me this cute
tatami room!

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