Eating in Japan with your baby

We are pretty familiar with what you can buy in Japan,
so we only brought with us what was really necessary.
Danny was 9 months old when we went to Japan.
Danny had dairy allergy, so we need to watch that.

Japan is not easy when it comes to allergies.
When you tell a restaurant about it, the employees can panic and don’t know
how to deal with it, so you need to gamble if it is safe or not.
To avoid a fuss I just didn’t tell about the allergies anymore.
I have celiac disease, so I cannot eat gluten, I get very sick from it.

I know Japanese dishes pretty well, so I only too things that I knew.
I am lucky to be able to eat Japanese soy sauce, because they put this into alot!
My favorites are Sushi, Omu rice (rice with egg), Onigiri (stuffed rice ball) and as desert
I love Mochi (sweet rice snack). All these things are also dairy free, so that is very good!

The types of sushi that are best for babies from 6 months to 1 year old are :
Tamago (egg) Tuna salad and Avocado .
When they are a bit older you can also take cucumber and raw fish.
Japanese fish is from high quality, so safe to eat.
For myself I brought vacuum packed gluten free bread ,
so that I did not had to eat 
only rice for breakfast.
In Japan you have rice porridge for breakfast, so that is also nice for kids.
The times before this I took crackers with me, but that is not very filling.
Also I brought some jam, next time we will also bring peanut butter,
Danny loves that.
We always took this with us for a Dutch friend who is living in Tokyo.
Next time I will bring the gluten free bread again, this is also dairy free,
so Danny could also eat it.

We were in a hotel with breakfast and then I would take food for on my bread like,
smoked salmon, egg, salad or I could take rice or rice porridge.
The other time we had an apart hotel, where you needed to take care of your own
breakfast. Next time we take the hotel with breakfast again,
this is easier for my husband and Danny and me will always find something that we
also could eat, together with what I am bringing.
If you want to stay on budget, you better take a hotel without breakfast.
We went to Osaka and Tokyo, next time we will only go to Tokyo.

For Danny I had squeeze fruit with me, mostly it is a bit more expensive in Japan
and it comes in pots there, so that is not very convenient to travel with.
You can also buy fresh fruit, but this is also expensive, 1 banana or Apple is € 1,-
Also I had corn and rice snacks for him ( maisboogies and Goodies ).
In Japan you can also buy rice snacks, next time I will buy them there.

Diapers I only took with us for the first two days.
You need to know that only the pharmacies OUTSIDE the city center sell diapers.
Luckily we had one close to our hotel.
The diapers are pretty good, they don’t smell, absorb good and Danny did not get a rash.
In Japan they also sell pocket sized wipes, very convenient!
I also took some of them back to The Netherlands.
The wipes look like wipes with water, they have no smell.
At the pharmacies you can also buy baby food and kids cookies.
I don’t have experience with formula, but they also sell this here.

I brought all medicine that you might need for sickness.
Japan has very weak painkillers and it is also easier to have it right with you
when you need it. I also had saline nasal spray , this is very good for the flying.
Apply before boarding, this helps against ear pain with the kids.

Japan is very kids friendly, so it was very relaxed for us to stay there.
Everywhere you can find changing and feeding rooms, check out my blog about this:

Most normal restaurants are also very kids friendly.
Just don’t try to go to a very fancy restaurant,

they won’t appreciate that in any country.

Because Japan has a lack of space, most restaurants are pretty cramped,
multiple times we got a kids seat that was hung on the table.
Also we mostly got kids spoon and plate.
Safer then the porcelain you get in The Netherlands.

Some times we took a buggy with us because carrying Danny each day was a bit heavy
for me and then it was easier to let him eat while sitting there.

Make sure to follow me to find out when we go to Japan again!
What do you always bring with you when you are going away for a longer period?

Check out the full playlist of video’s with Danny in Japan over here:

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