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Haruka Kurebayashi

Cool Japan – Ontdek Kawaii en Meer in Leiden

Bij Museum Volkenkunde in Leiden is de Cool Japan Tentoonstelling van start gegaan. Ontdek tijdens deze tentoonstelling Kawaii, Monsters, Gadgets en meer. Speciaal voor deze tentoonstelling zijn er heel veel stukken uit Japan over gekomen naar Leiden. Mijn persoonlijke favorieten zijn de kleding stukken van Haruka Kurebayashi , de foto muur van 6% Doki Doki designer Sebastian Masuda en Robot Pepper.…

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Gothic lolita Japan trip 2006 vlogs

I have just uploaded the latest video of our 2005 / 2006 trip to Japan. It was an amazing trip in a gothic lolita wonderland!We got to film for a huge Dutch TV program and this broadcast is also on Youtube.We filmed in Harajuku , bought fukubukuro , ate the most amazing food , saw so many new things and met…

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Japanese fashion event report Osharecon 2016

This week there was a Japanese fashion event in The Netherlands. In my video I will take you on a tour trough the event Osharecon.I show the Harajuku fashionshow with Visual Kei, Decora, Shironuri and mori girl . I also show the dealer room, Butler café and maid café , game room , workshops and my gothic lolita / classic…

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Harajuku fashion walk The Netherlands Utrecht

This weekend there was the first Harajuku fashion walk in The Netherlands.Girls and boy in alot of different Japanese fashion styles joined the event.It was a fun day! Here are some of my favorite looks. Classic lolita , Shironuri ,  Gothic and Fairy kei I was wearing a Wa-mori girl outfit(wa means traditional Japanese) I made a video of the…

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Artism Japanese fashion market in Japan

I love Japan mostly because of it’s great fashion styles and creative people!I was lucky that the great fashion market from Artism was held during my stay in Japan in 2014.I went there with my husband and son and met alot of old friend there!Looking back at it, I really miss everyone!Hope to be able to go back to Japan…

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Meetup wa lolita style

There was a lolita meetup in Utrecht.The theme was twin, so we all wore a outfit that matched 1 other person. I twinned together with Joze in a Wa lolita style.(wa lolita means traditional Japanese mixed with lolita)The traditional elements that I wore were the cherry blossom flowers in my hair.The kimono sleeve top with kimono fabric and a skirt…

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